Pastor's Note

Fr. Jim


Greetings in Christ to you all!

A friend of mine once referred to Holy Week, and particularly the Easter Vigil, as "the Super Bowl of Catholicism." I liked that comparison. This is, liturgically speaking, the high point of our year. But this year, the holiest of weeks occurs under the cloud of this pandemic, and that means our usual celebrations are going to have to be less public, and a bit more muted. We will not be able to celebrate these liturgies publicly, but will continue to post them on our YouTube channel. You can see the instructions for accessing this in the bulletin. A lot of what we normally do and look forward to, from the blessing of palms, to the blessing of Easter food, to Easter egg hunts, will have to be put  temporarily on hold. 

In this time above all, it's important to remember what we're celebrating. Easter is about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is about His victory over sin and death. It is about our reconciliation with God through the blood of His Son. It is about that sacrifice opening to us the gates of Heaven and the flood of grace and mercy raining down upon the universe. So this year, things may be a bit more somber. But these things, too, will pass. Because the Resurrection means that even these temporary evils we have to suffer will have an end, and the Kingdom of God will come in its fullness precisely when God means it to.

Fr. Ken Kirkman