Pastor's Note

In this weekend’s Gospel Jesus sends His apostles two by two to heal the sick and to announce the Good News.  He instructs them not to take anything with them but to put their faith and trust in the power of God working through them.  This is a powerful message to all of us.  The tendency today is to put our trust in the things around us.  Many of us will not go anywhere without our cell phones.  We identify ourselves by where we live, what we have or our bank accounts.  Jesus tells us that our identity is to be defined by our relationship with Him.  He reminds us in this Gospel passage that anything we accomplish in life, is done through the power of His Holy Spirit.

Last week’s Baccalaureate Mass was wonderful.  Congratulations to our 2018 graduates and their families.  It is always great to honor and celebrate with the young people of our parish.  We offer them our prayers and best wishes as they enter a new phase of their lives.  Thank you to our Director of Faith Formation and Youth Minister Danea Hurd for all you did to make the morning so special.


Fr. Jim