Pastor's Note

Fr. Jim


Greetings in Christ to you all!

Since I’ve arrived, many of you have asked me what the distinction is between an administrator (my official title) and a pastor. The simplest answer is, the practical difference is small.  Like any priest, I celebrate Mass and the other sacraments, preach, visit the sick, and so forth. At the same time, I have the privilege to be the shepherd of our parishes, and have the responsibility to see they are governed well and can operate effectively. That has many facets, including the business and administrative side, but also ensuring the spiritual, catechetical, and social needs of our parishioners are met. The pattern in our diocese has been to appoint first-time “pastors” as administrators first, in order to get us used to the additional responsibilities over and above being a parish priest.  Typically, after a year, we are officially appointed pastors under canon law. People have also asked what I would like to be called; I respond readily to either Fr. Ken or Fr. Kirkman, and I would encourage you to use whichever you feel more comfortable with. What I would most like for you all to know is that I am your priest, and that I am extremely grateful for your prayers and support.


Fr. Ken Kirkman