Pastor's Note

This Saturday evening we are celebrating the Feast of St. Joseph at St. Joseph’s Parish. I would like to thank Fr. Stan Gerlock for his help so I can be with the People of St. Joseph’s on this special day. Our Gospel Reading takes us up Mt. Tabor to be with our Lord Jesus during His Transfiguration. This is an important part of our Lenten journey. As we go into the desert areas of our lives, we will also get glimpses of God’s glory and love in prayer. We are called to remember that as beautiful as these experiences are, they are only temporary. St. Paul reminds us in our second Reading this weekend that “Our citizenship is in heaven”. We are not made only for this earth, but are made for eternity with our God in His kingdom in heaven. This gives us hope in the midst of the struggles in our lives and gives us perspective as we make this journey of life. Let us thank our God for the glimpses that He gives us of His glory during this life and realize that they prepare us for true glory in His Kingdom in heaven.


Fr. Jim