Pastor's Note

Fr. Jim


Greetings in Christ to you all!

You may have heard the news that NASA recently landed a new rover mission on the surface of Mars. This was one of their most challenging landings to date, as their target landing side was on the inner rim of a large crater on the Martian surface. And to general acclaim, NASA stuck the landing. A new rover will explore the Martian landscape and could potentially return evidence of biological life on a planet we thought was lifeless. Even if that doesn’t pan out, we will learn a lot about the Red Planet. But here’s an interesting and inspiring part of the mission: the name of that rover? Perseverance.

So here’s the point for us. What did it take to get to Mars again? Perseverance. What does it take for us to reach Heaven? Perseverance. God has already reached out to us with his grace. If we persevere, we win the crown.

Fr. Ken Kirkman