Pastor's Note

This weekend’s Readings from Sacred Scripture speak to us about God’s covenant and His fidelity. Our first and second readings reflect upon God’s covenant that He made with Noah. God promised that He would never again destroy the earth by flood. As a sign of this covenant, God put the bow in the sky to remind us of this promise. Each one of us has entered into a covenant with God by virtue of our baptism. God has promised us that he would be with us as we journey through life. God is ever faithful and will never abandon us. Our part of this covenant is that we are called to live as a part of His Holy People. We all are called to examine this promise that we made to our God on our baptismal day and to renew our commitment to being a part of God’s People. This Lent offers us the opportunity to open up our lives a little bit more to God’s loving presence in our lives. One way for us to do this is to spend a little more time each day in quiet prayer with God. On Wednesday evenings at 7 pm at St. Joseph’s we are having a series on how to pray with Sacred Scripture. This method sometimes referred to as “Lectio Divina” is a way for us to be still with God’s Word and to listen to what God is speaking. This is an excellent way for us to draw closer to God during this season of Lent.

Another way for us to draw closer to God is to remove those things from our lives that separate us from God and one another. A good way for us to do this is through the Sacrament of Confession. I am in the confessional Monday thru Friday at 8 am before Mass each day. Why not take some time to celebrate God’s unconditional love for you in this healing sacrament

An excellent Lenten practice is to give alms. Why not try to be a little more generous with the blessings God has given you in your life. Lent calls us to share these blessings and to realize that they are not the most important part of our lives. Why not try the Biblical practice of tithing during these weeks of Lent. Why not try giving ten percent of your income to charity or to the Church.

These are all ways that we can draw closer to God during the Lenten season. Instead of giving up something, let us try to do something positive for Lent that will bring us closer to God and to one another. Let’s make this Lent the best one yet!


Fr. Jim