Pastor's Note

Fr. Jim


Greetings in Christ to you all!

We are now moving into what are called the “dog days” of summer. Mid to late August is usually quite warm. Famously, in Rome and southern Italy, this would be the time of year when everyone
literally “heads to the hills”, seeking the cooler mountain areas to escape the sweltering heat of the Eternal City. That’s very much the case in Rome today, with the joke often holding that the only people in Rome in August are American tourists. In fact, the “dog days” take their name from the star Sirius, colloquially called the Dog Star, as it’s the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major, the Great Dog, and that constellation is very prominent in the month of August. The star is so bright, its influence was thought by ancient peoples to lend even more heat to the sun, So there’s some astronomical trivia for you.

What’s the point of all this for faith? The dog days of summer have their match in the dog days of our lives, when things are difficult, and when conditions make us want to just head for the hills. We’ve felt the temperature of society rise to fever levels in recent months, and more people are increasingly wishing that things would cool off. Might I make a suggestion? Take a break from the things that raise your temperature (and blood pressure!). Leave off the news, social media, and things like that for a few evenings. Spend more time with family and friends (safely, of course). Take time for prayer, and relaxation. You might find that these little things help the dog days pass that much quicker.

Fr. Ken Kirkman